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  • What is the difference between "Wafer" & "Icing" images?

Icing images are a thicker, sweeter form of edible paper. They produce much higher print quality, therefore best end results on your cake! They are also much easier to work with, as they have limited limitations when it comes to icing. You can use them on almost ALL ICING TYPES, the only icing we have experienced any issues with is fresh cream.

Wafer images are thinner, and made from "wafer"/"rice paper". They do not produce as high of a print quality as icing, as they are slightly transparent. They also have many limitations when it comes to icing. They really work best only on "buttercream icing". We do not recommend using on anything else if you do not have much confidence in working with cakes, and wafer paper.

  • What is the delivery time frame?

FREE Standard Delivery is approx. 4-8 working days (no tracking with FREE standard delivery)
Express is 1-3 days (rural locations may take longer)
*We also offer international delivery 10-15 business days (variable, on location)

  • Do you have Express Post?

Yes! We do.

  • Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes, we have bulk pricing on our website for our cupcakes. If you are after something else, perhaps for a retail store, we do welcome you to contact us and we can explain our options.

  • Will my items get broken while being posted? or effected by the weather?

Whilst we endeavour to make sure every order is packed safely, and has every possibly chance of arriving safely, we can't watch it while its with the post man. SHOULD anything nasty happen during its time in transit, we do offer to replace, or refund. so please let us know if anything happens, and perhaps allow for ample time to allow for such rare events.

NO, the weather does not effect our edible images. They do hold up quite well. Drastic changes in moisture can cause them to dry out, however we have only witness this twice in our 5 years of supplying edible images worldwide, from the HEAT of Australia's Western States, to the chills of NZ! We also Post worldwide, with absolutely no issues. in fact the States is one of our top selling locations.


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