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Help Guide (Troubleshoot)

At Edible Cake Toppers,

we are more than happy to help you with any queries you may have.

You may have experienced (or heard about) icing images being a pain in the.. errgh? BUTT!


Well with our 100% Natural icing images, thats a thing of the past!

Our images come on a NON stick backing. 

Most brands have a backing too, but its just plastic film.


Our non stick backings help prevent the ever so common issues of "hard to remove" & "brittle" icing images.


Even though we are certain you will not have this issue with our images, we will give you some helpful tips, just in case, it does occur (after all, good ol' aussie climits can cause some strange things, to happen!)


Sticking occurs when the images absorb too much moisture.

Humid weather is commonly the culprit.


Our fav tip!

a super cold, DRY, freezer. Pop your image into the freezer for a few seconds. then immediately remove the backing sheet.

This works for us every single time! (we live in melbourne)


Tip number 2!

A warm oven tray. (or pop in the oven on the lowest temp you can for a few mins.)

Just a few mins on a warm tray can really help remove moisture. This is great if you dont have a dry freezer.


and our 3rd tip!

a hair dryer.

dry the back of the image (the backing side) for a few moments, on a warm temp. not too hot.. its hard to hold!



There are other tips out there, however as our new range of images do not have the sticking issue we haven't had a chance to try them. Before using our new images, we had to use the methods above plenty of times over summer!