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Wafer vs Icing

So, what IS the difference with Wafer images, and Icing images?



 Well, basically it comes down to quality.

Icing is the better quality of the two.

Icing images are little thicker, less transparent, and will obsorb nicely into your cake, so its ideal for larger cakes, like round cakes, and rectangles.

Icing images are PRE - CUT

Wafer images are stiffer, and being made of wafer, makes it transparent (thus the images do not appear as vibrant)

Its best when use on pale icing. White is ideal. this will enhance how the image looks.

 Wafer images are NOT Precut

So again:

ICING Images are:

  • SOFT
  • Have a nicer quality finish on bigger cakes
  • Bright and Vibrant in colour.
  • Less transparent
  • Pre cut, ready to use

WAFER images are:

  • Stiff
  • Transparent
  • Hold shape well on cupcakes
  • Cost effective
  • Need to be cut out before use.