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Custom Square Edible Cake Topper


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  • This design is printed on Quality, Vanilla flavoured Edible Icing Paper

    ie. Happy Birthday Joe 

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Custom Edible Cake Topper

20cm Square

Pre Cut & Ready To Use.

Decorating the cake for your next event just got so much easier…..

Move over fancy pants fondant play, and say hello to easy breezy beautiful birthday cake! It really doesn’t get any easier. We can basically, like pretty much, almost definitely guarantee your cake will impress.

You know what? Let us be the judge… Snap + Share your creations with us on insta’ @ediblecaketoppers

  • Gluten Free!
  • Nut Free!
  • Contain NO artificial ingredients!

Want to see a draft? – Just ask! -?No extra charge

Additional information

Icing Ingredients

Corn starch, Glutinous rice, Glucose, Sugar, Arabic Gum & Vanilla flavouring.

Wafer Ingredients

Water, oil & potato starch.

Please select ICING or Wafer:

Edible Icing Paper, Edible Wafer Paper


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